Turtle Cove Development, Inc

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Turtle Cove Development - provides product design and contract engineering services. Areas of expertise include analog and digital electronics, embedded systems, software engineering, electro-optics, instrumentation, pc board layout and fabrication.

Our core capabilities include:
1)  Analog circuit design: transistor, op-amp, and system level design/analysis/
2)  Power supply design: linear, switcher, buck, boost, buck-boost, SEPIC
3)  PC Board Design: schematic capture, board layout, documentation package,
     board assembly, BOM procurement
4)  Battery powered and portable system design: battery selection (LI-Ion, NiMh, 
      NiCd, Lead-Acid), battery chargers, power management systems.
5)  Portable computing: microprocessor systems, system architecture, radio 
      integration (802.11, Bluetooth, Zigbee), interface circuitry (USB, RS-232, 
      RS-485, etc.)
6)  Embedded system design and architecture: both hardware and software
7)  Firmware Development: C, C++, Assembly, C#, .net, web design,
8)  Optoelectronic System Design and Modeling:  laser diode systems, LED's, 
      photodiode receivers, CCD and CMOS Imagers, optical filters, scanning 
      systems, image processing software and algorithm development.